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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Alright. So this is the first post of the blog. I'd like to think it will be profound and interesting, but it probably won't. I'm behind in my grading, as usual, and just found out that I've received a Fulbright Award to go to Mexico next year. I just want to glow a bit. According to the letter from the Fulbright organization, I am now in the company of a group that includes 34 Nobel laureates. I guess I better get with it, then.

My students are having a heated debate on WebCT about Richard Clarke's interview on 60 Minutes . They seem to be asking the right questions: Is it a coincidence that Clarke's book is being published just as the Presidential campaign season heats up? Why has the media not made a bigger deal out of his allegations? Why does the media seem to be timid when it comes to the White House?

A partial answer to the last question can be found in an interview Alexandra Pelosi gave on NPR when her documentary first aired on HBO.

At least it should be interesting to watch the debate unfold, especially as testimony begins for the 9-11 commission.

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