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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Was cruising the Yahoo headlines and noticed this article. Nothing seems to be posted on La Jornada yet, though Reforma has an article I can't access because I don't have a subscription. Of course, this 'crackdown' is probably in response to the new travel advisory from the U.S. Secretary of State, which is mentioned in this Yahoo article.

The story that the AP cites from El Universal can be found here. According to the article, Nahum Acosta Lugo was the director of the President's personal office of administrative assistants and is accused of passing information about the President's schedule to a criminal organization. Apparently, this was "con el objetivo de atentar contra su integridad fisica." Ok, so the Attorney General's office can catch someone in the President's office with ties to narcotrafficking, but what does that have to do with border security? The Attorney General's office is spinning the arrest as evidence that they are cracking down on narcotraffficking, in response to U.S. concerns. Further, the aide has had that same job since 2001. He was either turned recently, or hasn't been giving the bad guys very good information.

The other front page drama in Mexico City this week has to do with the suicide of a 14 year old girl named Stephanie. Apparently, she left a typed letter saying that she was killing herself because she lost $275 (U.S.) worth of cocaine, that she was supposed to be selling at her middle school here in the city. She lost the drugs because her school began searching/controlling backpacks and she had to hide the stuff somewhere else. The pushers threatened her family, so she decided to kill herself. The original El Universal story was published yesterday. Now, her friends say that she never sold drugs. It seems that the neighborhood where the school is located is near a fairly well-off area, though Stephanie apparently lived in a poor neighborhood. Parents of other students at the school are worried that drugs are still being sold inside the school, and that the Safe Backpack, Safe Path program hasn't been implemented.

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