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Monday, July 03, 2006

IFE announces no result

Luis Ugalde is right now announcing that the rapid count is too close to call.

He's saying that we'll have to wait for the official count, due Wednesday. And, only the IFE can certify the vote, and he urges everyone to wait for the full vote.

The country has "una enorme responsibildad" and the parties should wait for and respect the full vote, according to Ugalde.

{And he looks like he's sweating a LOT.}

And, all manifestaciones should wait....that is, no one should take to the streets.

{Shit....uh oh.}

Now, Fox is making an announcement. I'd sure hate to be him. {Geez, he sure has aged in just six years....} He's saying Mexico has already made its decision at the polls, and the country must wait for the "impartial, transparent electoral institutions" to do their job.

{My stomach hurts....}

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