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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Desafuero update....

...what you've all been waiting for.

AMLO returned to work on Monday. The President's office and the Deputy Attorney General continue to claim that he should not be at work. While legal scholars say otherwise.

The judge in the case rejected the AG's bid to bring charges against AMLO without arresting him by allowing a couple of PANistas to pay his bail. The AG's office will have to resubmit the charges, and formally arrest AMLO. The AG was hoping to avoid an arrest, which would enable AMLO to play the martyr.

There's been more talk of 'negotiation' and 'dialogue.' AMLO called for a dialogue with President Fox during the March of Silence on Sunday. Since then, the President's office has indicated they are willing to meet with AMLO when and where he proposed. Various leaders of the PAN and PRI support the idea of a dialogue. Of course, many people are skeptical of Fox's sincerity.

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