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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Is the desafuero really a test of Mexican democracy?

I must admit, I'm against the desafuero. However, I'm also tired of everyone framing it as a test of Mexican democracy. As if our conceptions of democracy are so limited. Or that mob rule is the same as democracy. Fujimori in Peru had loads of public support, but he was not very democratic.

Now that the debate has moved to the Supreme Court, the court case protesting the desafuero brought by the Mexico City General Assembly against the national Chamber of Deputies is also being called a test for democracy. A test of the independence of the judicial branch. Yes, it is a test of the judicial branch's independence. But, unfortunately, Mexico has such ill-defined institutions, that it would be hard for the Court to pass a judgement based purely on law or precedent. The Constitution just isn't clear. And so, yes, the Court will probably make a politicized decision. And, yes, it is worrying that the Court has delayed their ruling.

But will the Court's decision be some sort of final litmus test for Mexican democracy? No. Our conception of democracy is so much more complex, or at least it should be.

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