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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Now they're catching on

Last week, I discussed the social security conflict in Mexico. I suggested that the administration was pursuing a strategy designed to hurt the union's public image to create pressures to revise the union's collective contract pension benefits. I also suggested that the IMSS was de facto privatizing more services as part of the conflict and that ultimately the goal seemed to be a threat to privatize social security (including health care services) entirely. When I mentioned these possibilities several weeks ago during an interview with one of the union's leaders, he suggested that I was exagerating a bit.

Today, however, the Secretary General of the union made just these claims against the IMSS administration.

[I don't claim union leaders in my readership because 1. I saw nearly no computers in the union offices and 2. I have had no unexplained visitors from the D.F. lately.]

In any event, the closer I follow day-to-day Mexican politics, the simpler it seems. Like the desafuero conflict, most political conflicts follow fairly simple scripts with straightforward outcomes.

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