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Saturday, June 24, 2006

I like this foto

From a story in today's Milenio covering another meeting between Lopez Obrador and the business elite, this time from Jalisco.

Also, several papers are responding to the suggestion in a WaPo editorial that immigration to the U.S. would increase were AMLO elected:
The country's pro-market president, Vicente Fox, leaves office this year. His successor will be chosen in an election July 2. The leftist Andr?s Manuel L?pez Obrador is a strong contender.

If Mr. L?pez Obrador wins and pursues the populist economic policies he's been associated with in the past, the flow of Mexican arrivals in the United States could accelerate.

What kind of unsubstantiated drivel is that? Why would immigration increase exactly? If AMLO's such a populist, I'd expect more immigration of the elite than the poor.

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