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Monday, July 31, 2006

Coming home

Though I had vowed not to visit Austin until my book was in the mail, my craving for Texas brisket overcame me. It's always nice being back in Austin, though. I never really feel at home in Atlanta. And, there's something nice about being able to walk into the Riverside Thundercloud to a reception not unlike Norm's at Cheers. I can pretend to be a cool hipster rather than nerdy professor for a bit.

I've been getting some work done, but not enough. (I never seem to get enough work done... I could work 26 hours a day and it wouldn't be enough.)

Anyway...some tidbits overheard at the coffee shop today:
Barista: You gonna do the crossword?

Random Austin guy: Naw...there's a lot of government encoding and innuendo....

There was also this exchange, with same barista

Random Austin guy 2: Yeah, it's like a sleeper film....

B: I'll have to check it out.

RAG2: Yeah. Jennifer Tilly...She's more like a campy actress.

B: Yeah.

I love Austin.

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