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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Almost 1 million turn out at Zocalo

Today is the second of three planned assemblies in the Zocalo called by Lopez Obrador. Again, he is calling for a full recount to restore public confidence in the electoral results.

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Elsewhere, some are criticizing both sides for the negative campaigning and the consequent polarization.

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At 7/16/2006 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Michell, given the fact that it is the rightwing business class--those with the biggest record of undemocratic tactics and corruption--that is responsible for drawing the line in the sand that all of the votes 'will not' be recounted, then I find it hard to try the 'pox on both of your houses' line that this political commenterist takes. In the end, he seems to shift the onus of responsibility on Obrador.

The solution is pretty simple when you have contested results--vote by vote, a full review of all the ballots.

We both know what they are afraid of--same as it always is with the buiness-class: the will of the people becoming ascendent over their mind-numbing propadanda and consumerist ploys.

Vote by vote.

No recount--I can assure you, no peace. Thankfully Mexicans will not roll over like 'liberals' here in the US--there is simply too much to loose.

At 7/25/2006 10:27 AM, Blogger mexiguru said...

I do wonder what will happen. Election night had alot of coverage on SKY, but now I don't see much on CNN en espanol or Azteca, nada. A fried, Calderon supporter (but most are in Gto), said that it is the "business class", the power guys at the stations that are keeping news off so that L-O doesn't get the coverage, doesn't get the people behind him like he might otherwise.

I went to bed on election night (like during 1960 Kennedy/Nixon) not knowing but thinking L-O was the winner. I would have liked that, tho Fox and PAN were very good for GTO, of course.

It is my hope that the "Mexcians will not roll over like the 'liberals'" in the US. But if what I see of the Mexicans accepting poor service from IFC, any government office, everywhere, is any example I fear that they will accept it. If the Mexicans don't seek change then it will never happen, certainly not by hearing an estadounidense complain.


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