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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Even funnier. Plaigarism blog a hoax.

Still funny, maybe even funnier. Laura K. Krisher drama a hoax, according to this post.

Hee hee hee. All that righteous indignation on both sides of the issue. Still an important lesson for undergrads, though. How do *you* know if that site selling term papers isn't run by a bunch of profs? I regularly google text from shady papers, and with google scholar, that's easier than ever.

Students regularly underestimate their profs. I've been able to spot plagiarized work in a stack of 150+ papers, even just skimming them. Even more interesting was the case where I announced in class that the students that had turned in identical work would be submitted to the honor board, and a pair of *different* students came forward. They received clemency and a zero on the assignment. (Usually, honor board penalties are a zero on the assignment and a one-letter grade reduction in the final course grade.) Then there's the kid that emailed me his 'paper' which was all goobledlygook. Of course, a young female professor would never be smart enough to figure out that it was really homemade goobledlygook. I would never know that documents can be opened in a text editor. It was even more obvious when there was no complaint that I hadn't graded the paper. That one still stings because there was no reduction in final grade handed out by the honor board, just the zero. I wanted the kid to have to retake the course.

Lesson: don't underestimate your profs, they may be quicker than you think, and don't believe everything you read on the internet.

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