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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Heading toward 2006

Several stories from today's paper discuss not only candidate selection in the PRD, but also the potential candidates or alliance strategies of smaller parties like the PT or Convergencia.

Basically, Cardenas is ready to debate Lopez Obrador in anticipation of the PRD nomination process. Convergencia has had talks with the PRD but also with former Secretary (and political scientist) Jorge Casteneda. The PT is leading toward the PRD or the PRI. Essentially, the small parties that have formal registration can become vehicles for candidates that can't win the nomination of either the PRD, PRI, or the PAN. An alliance with one of the three large parties would really preclude having an alternative candidate, but might pay off by guaranteeing more PR seats in the legislature. So small parties have to consider whether the cast-off candidates from the big three that might run under their mantle are really strong enough to have a chance. Otherwise, they are probably better off forming an alliance where they not only get their own PR seats but also get to put some of their leaders on the PR list of the other party.

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