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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A day in the life of a comparativist in Mexico

08:00 Leave for US-Mexico Commission to pick up tiny note card needed to pick up visa.

08:30 At Commission, learn that members of the U.S. Embassy visa department have read my blog post about new delays for Mexicans. Apparently, they think I'm an "equal opportunity discriminator." Not sure what that means. Learn that my blog will now be circulated among the Fulbright staff. (Maybe I should take down those pictures of the drag show???)

9:00 Return to house to pick up passport because they may want it at Migracion when I pick up my visa. Kiss husband.

9:30 Arrive at Migracion in Polanco. Wait in line to ask what line I should wait in. Wait in another line, only to be told I can return at 12:00 or tomorrow, even though I have a "ficha" for an appointment today to pick up my visa. The visa is not ready.

10:30 Arrive two neighborhoods away for my appointment with a union leader at 11:30. Park. Look for cafe. Buy yogurt drink from grocery. Wait.

11:10 Go to Union offices to wait for appointment. There is no waiting room. Chat with young man who registers visits and the coming and going of cars.

11:30 My appointment date has not shown up. I continue to wait.

11:50 Ask if there might be a secretary that knows how to reach my appointment. Go find her. She calls my contact. He will arrive in 15 minutes.

12:10 Appointment arrives. Kisses all the secretaries (this is custom, not lechery). Takes me to his office. I explain that I have to leave at 12:45 for another appointment. We have short interview.

12:40 I apologize for having to leave, and we schedule another meeting next week.

12:55 Arrive one neighborhood over at the headquarters of the CNOP. Park on street. Think about moving car for fear of it being towed; cannot find a cuidacoche. Decide to leave it.

13:00 Arrive at offices of second appointment. Learn that the appointment has been cancelled, and a message left on my cell phone while I was in the other meeting. Offered only one option to reschedule: tomorrow at 12:00. Explain that I have another appointment scheduled at 11:00 that I need to confirm. Will call back.

13:30 Arrive home. Call to confirm other appointment. My assistant calls later to say they called her to cancel. Call one that cancelled on me today to confirm for tomorrow.

13:50 Sit down to review schedule of future interviews. Blog. And then make phone calls for interviews for next week.

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