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Friday, May 20, 2005

On tenure, redux

A mini-discussion on tenure and academia continues. Paul has a follow-up with necessary links to responses by other people. I did not reply to the Five Myths laid out by Munger because after reading them, I realized that I only have one paper under review right now (ugh, since October), one sitting R&R, and one rejection that I need to turn around and send to an even crappier journal. So I dug up the rejection and made a list of revisions. (I already have the list for the R&R.)

Since I don't have the requisite three under review (though I have 2 more waiting in the wings that need minor tweaks before heading out...), I figured I should get with it. Nevermind the 2 invited papers for edited volume and journal special issue and the book review essay for LARR that I need to write.

I will, I will have closure on these projects. And, I will get tenure. Someday. I think. I hope.

Oh, and I interviewed 5 people for my next project this week. All this with visitors from Texas and the requisite trip to the artisan market and pyramids.

Tonight, I'm going to see real wrestling. None of that pansy stuff K Grease is into. (Unfortunately, there won't be photos since last time the security guard tried to take my camera batteries.)

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