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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mexico City Gay Pride Parade

The parade was June 25, but I have finally gotten around to uploading the 100+ pictures that I took. (Beware: Some nudity.)

The first gay march in Mexico City was in 1979. Initially, the march was a political protest, where demands for rights and respect were paramount. In the last few years, the march has become more of a parade (which is evident in the pictures), and many of the trucks are sponsored by gay nightclubs, websites, or magazines. Most activist groups still march in the parade as well, including some that would have it regain some of its solemnity and protest-flavor.

In particular, some carried banners singling out Coke Mexico and the Bimbo bread company for discrimination. The Bimbo claim is based on the company's decision to pull advertising from radio stations that aired government public service announcements aimed as promoting open dialogue about homosexuality. The PSAs were an effort of the health ministry to fight the spread of AIDS. The government publicity campaign was also aimed at increasing public acceptance of homosexuality in general. Studies suggested that the spread of AIDS was due in part to an unwillingness of some people with homosexual practices to acknowledge such practices and the risks involved. Others hide their sexuality for fear of discrimination and hate crimes.

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At 7/03/2007 5:03 PM, Anonymous Ger said...

I was looking for the last year gay march in Mexico pictures and sudenly I came into your blogspace and I really like to enjoy the pictures you took on the first march. How can a I do to get it? Please mail me to


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