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Monday, July 25, 2005

Waiting in traffic

As I mentioned before, I spent three hours on the interstate to travel five miles on Saturday night. Inspired by a Beastie Boys song from Licensed to Ill on the radio, I began compiling a list of the concerts or national tour shows that I have attended. Below is that list. Excluded from the list are the numerous shows that I've seen because Brian knew someone in the band and that were small bands that Brian liked that no one but 5 hipsters in Austin would recognize.

In chronological order: (edits from Brian)

1983 Alabama, with Mom (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1983 Rick Springfield, with daughter of mom's friend (first show without adult) (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1984 Culture Club, with dad and his wife (I was HUGE fan; I think Dad was freaked out by all the cross-dressing Boy George impersonators) (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1986 Stryper (Don't ask about this one; you don't want to know)
1987 Beastie Boys (Fishbone opening), first with friends (Civic Center, Austin)
1989 R.E.M., first where friends drove (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1989 Depeche Mode
1989 New Order (Civic Center, Austin)
1990 Love and Rockets (some Amphitheatre, Berkeley)
1990? Billy Joel, with Mom (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1991 The Cure (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1991 10,000 Maniacs (Liberty Lunch, Austin)
1991 Violent Femmes (Liberty Lunch, Austin)
1992 Morrissey (Limelight, NYC)
1993 KRS-One (some tiny club, NYC)
1993 House of Pain, Cypress Hill, etc. (some big venue, NYC)
1994 NIN (Marilyn Manson opening) (Frank Erwin Center, Austin)
1994 The Cramps (Liberty Lunch, Austin)
1995 Melvins with L7 Halloween night (Liberty Lunch, Austin)
1996 R.E.M. (I think Radiohead opened) (The Backyard, Austin)
1996 Medeski, Martin and Wood (Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill)
1996 Melvins (L7 opening) (Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill)
1997 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill)
1998 Junior Brown (Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill)
1998 Los Von Von (Maraka, Mexico City)
1999 Omara Portuondo (small cultural center, Mexico City)
1999 The Cramps (Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill)
2000 Omara Portunondo (Performing Arts Center, Austin)
2000 Gran Silencio (Aterciopelados opening) (some club, San Antonio)
2001-2002 series of local shows in Austin
2004 Very good blues guy whose name I can't remember Paul Jones and T Model Ford (SXSW Antone's , Austin)
2005 Cafe Tacuba (Stubb's, Austin)

Shows that I've missed that would have liked to have seen:
The Smiths (broke up as I became a fan), Public Enemy (broke up before I became a fan), Prince, 3rd Bass, Johnny Cash (had 3rd row tix, but had final next day; Brian took his brother)

Shows that I would like to see:
Peter Gabriel and Los Tigres del Norte (obviously, not on the same bill...though that could be interesting)

I'm sure Brian will have had lots of corrections. As it was, over the course of the hour in traffic, I kept remembering new shows that I had forgotten.

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At 7/25/2005 9:28 PM, Blogger PRB said...



Maybe I shouldn't laugh too much, though; I went to an Emerson, Lake, and Palmer concert once.

Anyhow, the first concert that I went to was an R.E.M. show from their 1989 tour (I see that you also show a show from that tour).

I saw Peter Gabriel on one of his WOMAD tours (early 1990s; Lenny Kravitz and Crowded House were also on the bill). Maybe the best concert I've ever attended.

At 7/26/2005 12:36 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Yes, the yellow and black attack, Stryper. At least I'm honest.

I loved the 89 REM show, especially when they had the read-aloud rules for crowd behavior. I thought that was so cool. I was such a dork.

OOH. I liked Crowded House. Yes, I must see PG some day. I bet he has tons of cool effects.

I bet David Byrne is good live, too. Saw him jogging down a downtown street in Austin one time. He has a blog, you know. And he's one of the few 'famous' people who isn't completely droll.


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