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Monday, October 10, 2005

IMSS standoff may be postponed

A week ago, Fox removed Santiago Levy from the head of IMSS, citing the stalemate with the IMSS union over contract negotiations.

That day, anti-Semitic vandalism targeted at Levy appeared on the side of the IMSS administration building on the main thoroughfare through downtown. The union claimed it had nothing to do with the vandalism, and I'd tend to believe that the union leadership had nothing to do with the attacks. First, by forcing his resignation, the union had already 'won' the battle. There would be no need to deface the IMSS building. Second, for all their differences, I often had union leaders tell me in private interviews how much respect they had for Levy as a person. They regarded him as a highly competent professional compared to many previous IMSS directors. That doesn't mean that members of the rank-and-file weren't responsible. Racism of many forms run rampant throughout Mexico. (And, don't try to tell me it's just classism, and I'm being too "American" when I call it racism....I've lived in Mexico long enough to know racism when I see it.)

Anyway, the negotiations with the new Director General of IMSS appear to be moving along, and the union is considering postponing its October 15 strike deadline.

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