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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Bad press

The last couple of days has witnessed a whirlwind of media attention in Mexico on the governor of Puebla and the release of some audio tapes of him talking to a prominent businessman.

The short version is something like....a female reporter published a book in which she linked the aforementioned businessman to another businessman who is charged with pederasty.....the female reporter was arrested in December and spent two months in jail....tapes are released of the aforementioned businessman calling the governor of the state to thank him for his help with the reporter and asking where to send the governor a great bottle of cognac [the governor's mansion, BTW]....crazy media frenzy ensues.

The story broke yesterday in La Jornada. Today's paper has the follow-up reporting on the righteous indignation of other reporters that the governor would behave that way.

You can listen to an excerpt of the tapes here [real media file]. It is posted with this story from TVAzteca.

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