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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

No progress, no posts

Today I spent time trying to figure out how to keep a baby possum out of our kitchen (getting a trap from the county animal control and taking a trip to Lowe's to figure out how to cover the hole s/he uses behind the oven), getting a new Mexico guide for my trip tomorrow (since I gave my old guide to a D.F. friend who was planning a trip to Oaxaca when I last left Mexico; getting the new guide required stops at 2 BnN), packing for my trip tomorrow (clothes and work-related stuff); and fending off a really bad headache (unsuccessfully).

So no progress.

And there will probably be no posts for the weekend, since I'm taking a trip to Monterrey to set up a new study abroad program for Summer 07 at ITESM. It's not the D.F. (by a long shot) but it will have to do. At least there will be real tacos and chilaquiles, and maybe some fruit salad or Mexican-style sushi (which reminds me....I should tell you my story about trying to find good, authentic chilaquiles in Atlanta, sometime). My trip may also include a baseball game, but only because I need good photos to help recruit for the study abroad (uhmmm, right).

Anything else I should do?

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At 6/08/2006 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1.. Check out some live music in the epicenter of the Mexican rock/ska/indie scene. Unbelievable number of good bands from there.
2. Some great hiking and mountain biking in the area as well (when it is not 95 to 115 degrees....)
3. Go to a bar/restaurant and watch world cup games and say things like "Remember when the US beat Mexico 4 years ago?"
safe travels...

At 6/09/2006 8:23 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Will try to do #1 tomorrow.

Probably won't have time for #2

I'll be leaving before the Mexico game Sunday, or #3 would be a good idea.

BTW, the Tec meeting went very well, and I think it's a go for a program next summer...and Tec students will be able to enroll in my class. So....aspiring Tec blogueros/as are welcome.

I'll post updates at

Saludos desde las montanas de nuevo leon,
La profesora abstraida

[Ok...that's supposed to be a silly parody of the way SubMarcos signs his letters.... Did anyone get it?]


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