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Monday, July 03, 2006

At 12:27: Calderon will respect IFE, but poll results say that we have won (though only 35% of precincts have reported)

We will respect the decision of the IFE and the procedures in place.

Conteo Rapidos: We've won according to their count.

But also according to the exit polls:
Arco: 37% PAN, 35% PRD

Economistas Asociados: 36.6, 33.4%

Another (BNC?): 37%, 35%

Marketing Politico: 38%, 34%

Conteo Rapidio
Economistas Asociados: 38.8%, 34.9%

Arco: missed it

Sistema del IFE: 38.35%, 35.7% with 35% of districts reporting.

"We do not doubt that we have won."

He then went on to congratulate PAN governors-elect in three states.

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