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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Back from hiatus. Spent the holidays frequenting Austin wireless coffeehouses and revising my NSF proposal. I figure that if I keep revising and keep resubmitting, eventually it will be funded.

This article on obsesity in Mexico is interesting, but not surprising.

According to the article:
According to the OECD, Mexico is now the second fattest nation in that group of 30 countries. A health poll in 1999 found that 35% of women were overweight, and another 24% technically obese....It is a symptom of their growing prosperity that these parts of the population have, probably for the first time, almost unlimited access to the greatest amount of calories for the smallest amount of money. But with little knowledge of nutritional values, their diets are now unbalanced and unhealthy.

Rising incomes for many probably mean they eat McDonald's and other fast food more often. My husband has noticed that if someone here in the city is standing still, they are probably eating something. Food and snacks are everywhere. This is the only major city where I've seen people eating on the subway.

As I write this, I am recovering from my own breakfast of fried tortilla strips drenched in tomatillo salsa, with shredded chicken and cheese on top.

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