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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Mexican press on the Minutemen....

I almost forgot to include this article about the Cazamigrantes [migrant hunters] in Arizona.

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At 4/05/2005 2:29 PM, Blogger Gindy said...

"If you're interested in reducing demand, increase penalties for employers that hire illegals."

True. That never works because our government refuses to enforce laws like that (like most immigrations laws). The best way to shut down illegal immigrants from tresspassing across our border it to put the national guard down there. In fact, Mexico moved 1000 troops to the border. Why will the American government not do the same? As well, the Mexican government is taking on the role as an enemy to America by forcing there problem on to us. The government is responsible for that. What would happen if the situation were reversed? Are you telling me that the Mexican government wouldn't mind at all? No. Because in fact they patrol their sounthern border unlike America. Any illegals that Mexico finds get sent back to the country of origin.

I am not against immigration. I am against illegal immigration. Lets greatly (And I mean greatly) increase the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. and let's shut off illegal immigration all together. American citizens don't deserve this abuse from our government or Mexico's. We deserve to know who is coming into our country. Don't you agree?

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