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Friday, April 01, 2005

No April Fool's joke...a sad day for Mexican democracy

According to this story in La Jornada, they will soon be voting in favor of the desafuero, stripping Mexico City Mayor AMLO of his immunity from prosecution. The decision is up to 4 legislators, 1 PAN, 2 PRI and 1 PRD. The PRD vote will be no. The PRI deputies have indicated that they will vote in favor of the desafuero. All they need is a simple majority.

When the measure passes to the full Chamber of Deputies, all 149 PAN deputies will vote in a block in favor of the desafuero (that's what party discipline and a closed PR list will buy you), and 153 (of 224) of the PRI deputies will vote in favor. That's more than half of the 500 seats.

I think a representative of the Peasant's Confederation (CNC) and president of the Movimiento Territorial, Carlos Flores Rico, said it best when he said: "Vamos a cometer una pendejada."

In the face of all this, AMLO is calm. Money is being raised for his defense (a la Whitewater). And barricades and extra security are being installed around Los Pinos (the White House) and the offices of the Secretary of State.

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