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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Professorial procrastination

Compliments of Dr. Crazy. My favorites from her list:

Read blogs.
Feel guilty about reading blogs and not commenting and not posting on your own blog, and so post on your blog about nonsense like alternatives to academic work.
Decide, at 11 PM at night, to clean out closet and sort laundry.
American Idol.
Re-read every single Judith Krantz/Anne Rice/etc. novel that you own from beginning to end.

While procrastinating doing #1, I read #4 and realized I missed the first 15 minutes of the results show, broadcast here in Mexico City 2 weeks late and on Sundays. (I was sad to see Nadia leave.)

Though I don't like Krantz or Rice, I have quickly run through the stack of mysteries that I bought while in Chicago for the Midwest PSA meeting. Spent an hour today reading the beginning of David Brown's first thriller. Poorly written pap, but thrilling nonetheless.

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