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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Short car update

Called #8 again. This time a woman said that I don't have to do anything. According to the Reglamento de Comercio Exterior (Foreign trade regulation), # 3.2.6 (which is what the other girl cited me), published in the Diario Oficial on March 23, 2005 (pages 168-170), I don't have to do anything. The car permit is automatically extended to conform with my visa.

There is some language about notifying customs of the change in my migratory status within 14 days of the change, but the woman said that doesn't apply to people who paid their import fees with a credit card. It only applies to people who paid a deposit in cash, and who want their cash back. According to her, they can't charge my credit card because I did not leave an open voucher (which is true). So, I guess that means that they have no way to penalize you for overstaying your car's visa if you pay with a credit card and return late or without 'checking in'. But they can keep you from improting another car.

In any event, I must now photocopy my visa and print the regulation to carry in the car so that I can explain the new law to any police officers that try to stop me after my permit expires. Joy. I would almost rather wait in line somewhere or drive all the back to Texas to avoid dealing with the Mexican police.

They are trying, though, to make it easier for foreigners to enter the country and bring their vehicles.

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