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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wanted to buy: Items stolen from office

Or so the ad that is posted on this blog reads.

The ad is from a daily paper in Buenos Aires. But as Uzzi points out, it might as well be Mexico.

Let me tell you a short, true story. A friend of Brian's was on the Mexico City subway with her mobile phone tucked in her blouse pocket. Some teenager grabbed the phone and jumped off the train at one of the stops before she could stop him. Her Mexican friend and she called the phone, and explained that it had important business contacts. This person said they had bought it from someone else for $30US. They offered to buy it for $50 or $100 or whatever. They made a date to meet. The same kid that had stolen the phone showed up. The Mexican friend snatched the phone back from the teenager and told them they shouldn't steal.

Of course, that's not as good as the story about the police officer who gave change for a bribe after they bargained down the price of the bribe (supposedly because the gringa did not have that much money with her).

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