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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Amnesty International on Mexico

The top news in the leftist La Jornada is the annual report issued by Amnesty International. On Mexico, AI says:
Human rights violations persisted, particularly at state level where arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment and the misuse of the judicial system were common. The federal government maintained its commitment to protect and promote human rights nationally and internationally. Legislation was proposed to strengthen human rights protection in the Constitution and the federal criminal justice system. A National Human Rights Programme was drawn up.

Federal intervention to combat violence against women in Ciudad Juárez continued with limited success. Two prisoners of conscience were released after more than a year in custody. A number of human rights defenders were threatened and three journalists were murdered. Progress in the prosecution of those responsible for past human rights violations was limited. Political violence surrounded local elections in various states.

The full entry for Mexico discusses Mexico's human rights initiatives presented to the UN Commission on Human Rights, stalled and inadequate legislation, and the failure to address political disappearances in some states and the femicidios in Ciudad Juarez.

La Jornada has full coverage of the AI report on their front page.

La Jornada

In a related story, Fox's spokesperson asserted that the President's administration is an advocate of human rights protections and worries about the country's international image. (Certainly. Since tourism is the third largest source of income after petroleum and remittances from workers in the U.S.)

The U.S. was also criticized in the AI report. Here's an exchange with a reporter by President Bush's spokesperson.

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