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Thursday, May 05, 2005

What happens now?

Yesterday, an announcement was made that they would not press charges against AMLO because the penalties are not clear in the law. However, some legal analysts believe the decision does not automatically close the case, nor does it automatically restore his mojo fuero.

Most troubling is the decision by the owners of the disputed property to pursue their case. Promoters international Santa Fe has 15 days from today to file another injunction, and their lawyers say that they will continue to pursue the case until the land is returned or they are paid its value. I suspect they will get their land or be paid off.

Lopez Obrador will remain the mayor of the DF until mid-June, when he will step down to begin his pre-campaign for the PRD nomination for President. In the meantime, he is calling for a national agreement or pact among all the political parties and actors that the 2006 elections will be free, fair, and transparent, including campaign finance. Fox has indicated that such an agreement is not necessary since Mexico has a strong independent electoral agency.

Here's a brief timeline of the last year of desafuero events.

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