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Thursday, June 09, 2005

De todo un poco

Today's news offers a little bit of everything, including updates on many of the stories that I have commented on before.

First, after announcing an alliance with the UNT, the PRD met last night with representatives of the Partido de Trabajo (PT) to negotiate an additional electoral alliance in 2006.

Legislators finally approved an extraordinary session, mainly to deal with budget issues.

In immigration news, a voluntary program will fly Mexican illegal immigrants back to their states of origin, rather than just the border. Two minutemen-type groups are beginning to organize in Texas. A group of professionals from Yucatan tried to enroll in a temporary work program with Canada, but were rejected because they are not peasants.

In border violence news, the new head of security in Nuevo Laredo was assassinated, as was another official in a hospital. Two more bodies were found elsewhere related to drug war violence.

In other union news, divisions are resurfacing within the powerful electricians' union and a new leadership vote will occur soon. The pilots' union and Aeromar avoided a strike by signing a new contract with a 5% pay raise.

The first lady plans to head an organization against the femicidios in Ciudad Juarez.

There you go. All the blog's themes on one day. Maybe later I will have time to link to earlier blog posts about each one. Now, I have to run off to a union meeting.

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