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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not who I'd have picked

The next Bond has been announced (via). Most of us probably didn't see this coming.

posted by Michelle @ 11:25 AM,


At 10/13/2005 9:58 PM, Blogger Elenamary said...

I thought of "savings" bond when I read the word "Bond". I've never seen a James Bond

At 10/13/2005 10:00 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Try one of the Sean Connery classics. Goldfinger is a personal favorite; I sometimes use it for extra credit in my undergrad IPE class.

Question: Would Goldfinger's evil plan really cause the calamity he claims given the international monetary system in place in the early 1960s? Why or why not?

At 10/13/2005 11:17 PM, Blogger Elenamary said...

hhmmm I know nothing about the International Monetary system in the '60s


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