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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Texas BBQ in Atlanta?

As anyone who has ever asked me how I like Atlanta will know, one of my only complaints about the city is the lack of good Texas-style (which is the ONLY style, really) BBQ. (One of my other complaints is no real Mexican food, but that's another post.)

So, imagine my hope when I saw that a place purporting to have Texas-style BBQ had opened down the road from my neighborhood. In fact, it's located on the way home from work. Of course, I had written the place off entirely even without trying it because Brian and I have been repeatedly disappointed by places claiming to have real BBQ or real Mexican. Then, I saw a review in a local rag that raved, so I convinced a skeptical Brian to try it Saturday afternoon on our way home from the university library. (Yes...we spend our Saturday afternoons at either the Emory or GSU libraries.)

I had the brisket plate with potato salad and onion rings. Brian had the mixed plate of brisket and chicken with potato salad and beans. Neither of us ordered cole slaw because they make it with vinegar. That's a no-no for Texas BBQ.

The brisket was good--indeed better than any other I've had in Atlanta. But they cut it too thick and it didn't have enough pink smoky goodness. It was even better the next day at home when I reheated it and added Stubb's spicy BBQ sauce.

Their BBQ sauce was too thin and too sweet. Perhaps they are trying to appeal to the tastes of the South, but you shouldn't mess with Texas BBQ. It would also be nice if they added a spicy option.

The potato salad had too much mustard.

They didn't have cornbread. They did have Brunswick Stew (which I've never seen at a Texas BBQ joint).

The chicken wasn't smoked. The beans were too sweet.

So, it was only partially authentic, and Brian has declared he won't go back ("It's just too depressing...").

I will go back, but only to get brisked to go when I'm really desperate for a taste of Texas. I'll take it home and add a little Stubb's.

So while it's not perfect, it's the closest I've found in Atlanta so far, so I'll just have to accept it.

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At 9/22/2007 4:35 PM, Blogger Steven Taylor said...

The general scarcity of brisket outside of Texas is rather baffling, to be sure.

At 10/08/2017 10:39 PM, Blogger harada57 said...

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