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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why EndNote has a new customer

I have spent probably 20+ hours over the last three days correcting, checking, finding AOL, and formatting bibliographic and interview entries for my 300+ page book manuscript. Talk about tedious.

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At 10/15/2007 8:52 AM, Blogger Greg Weeks said...

I don't know what it says about me, but Endnote is almost too organized for me. I use it to keep notes (and even then in a scattershot manner) but not for generating bibliographies. I write book bibliographies as I go, and I'm often adding things that I don't even put into Endnote. For me this works out OK, though my main problem is forgetting to add entries, which I then have to do at the copy-editing stage.

At 10/15/2007 9:56 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Yours has been my approach so far...but tracking down obscure references to primary documents from the 1950s or Mexican journal articles from the 1970s has made me batty. I would either need to be much more organized and consistent in entering things into a master Word bibliography as I go, or entering them into EndNote. Either way, I need to seriously revisit my work habits once this baby is in the mail...which will probably be tomorrow. YAY!!!!!


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