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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fox, the Government of Change....of opinion

By El Licenciado, Garcí in El Financiero.

Fox's campaign was the "Alliance for Change" and he calls his government, the "Government of Change." TV ads and highway billboards promote government projects saying "El Gobierno de Cambio cumple"; the government of change fulfills its word.

Mexico has another change problem. As anyone who has visited knows, vendors, stores, and restaurants rarely have change. Want to buy a $.75 soda with a $5 bill? Want to pay for a $4 taxi ride with a $10 bill? You're out of luck because everyone is out of change.

So my favorite joke when vendors or stores tell me that they don't have change for my purchase is "Right. What Mexico lacks is change, right? In more ways than one, huh?" They seem to get a kick out of that, or they just humor the poor gringa.

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