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Saturday, March 03, 2007


It appears that the time it takes for me to file our US and GA income taxes is exactly equal to the length of the most recent Harry Potter film.

posted by Michelle @ 10:30 PM,


At 3/03/2007 10:43 PM, Blogger Chris Lawrence said...

You're lucky - you didn't have income in three states this year. I think it took me 4-5 hours to get all the paperwork done with one state tax return on the web (yay Colorado), another in my tax program (along with the feds), and a third I had to do by hand--including transcribing the one I'd done on the web onto a paper copy of that state's forms so they'd believe I'd paid taxes to that state.

At least I'm getting four refunds. I'd be really annoyed if I'd wasted all that time just to find out I owed money.


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